Ryan Kroshbon of Switzerland (Ryan Jett Kroshbon; 10 April 1730) is the adoptive son of King Alexander I, and Prime Minister of Switzerland. He is also Prince of Geneva and heir presumptive to the Swiss throne. Alongside his royal titles, he also served as Generalfeldmarshal of the Swiss Royal Army. He became Prime Minister after being invited to form a cabinet by King Alexander I, after the resignation of election frontrunner, Lord Gustav Dreadre, the same day that he was adopted.

Early LifeEdit

Ryan was born Ryan Jetten on April 10 1730. At age 16 during the Sack of Jura his family was murdered, leaving him the only surviving member.

Rise to PowerEdit

Orphaned at the age of 16, Ryan was made ward to Lord Dreadre of Jura. Quickly taken notice for his ability to learn his new job and duties he was placed into Lord Dreadre's government.

First monthsEdit

Upon reaching government office he began to quickly work to expand the reach of Jura and its politics. Quickly showing the ability to negotiate and broker deals he was brought into many situations to begin understanding and learning the official way of business in Jura.

After his service in Dreadre's government, Ryan went to the University of Zurich to further his education. After graduating from the University of Zurich in 1750, Ryan returned to Jura to continue working in Lord Dreadre's government.

Ascension as Crown PrinceEdit

Prime MinisterEdit

Titles, Styles, Honors, and ArmsEdit

Titles and StylesEdit

  • 10 April 1730 - 27 December 1750: Sir Ryan Jett Kroshbon
  • 27 December 1750 - present: His Royal Highness, the Prince of Geneva

Ryan used the official style of "Ryan the First, By the Grace of God, Prince of Geneva and Lord of Pripyat. Heir to the Throne of Switzerland, Venice, Genoa, and Lucca" as crown prince.

He used the short style of "Your Royal Highness".

Honors and ArmsEdit

  • Member of the Order of St. Nicholas of Flue